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What A WikiPark Is And Isn't

Thanks for visiting WikiparX, a site that expands possibilities for all kinds of  Pennsylvania outdoors people. WikiparX is for explorers who want to push the limits and see places and find opportunities that most never will. Wikiparks are not conventional campgrounds or state parks. WikiparX fill other niches and only your imagination limits what those niches are. WikiparX may be improved for recreation by the landowner but an eXplorer should simply expect to find the property “as is.” 

Rules For Explorers

We don’t like to have to impose too many rules at WikiparX and, primarily, the rule-making should stay in the hands of the landowner. But there are a few basics you should adhere to at all WikiparX:

  1. Don’t approach the landowner’s home.
  2. No audible music if anyone else is present.
  3. Carry out your trash.
  4. Don’t cut live wood for fires. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At WikiparX, we don’t try to match any property to specific activities – this is left to your imagination and ingenuity (Without these, WikiparX doesn’t work!) Start with the map and find a location that works well before studying the map more carefully for features such as flowing water in the case of fly fishing or perhaps proximity to a State Game Land or rail trail. Then go ahead and read the property description to see how the landowner describes their own property. Weighing these elements and deciding on the right setting for your adventure is ultimately up to you – the Explorer!

There is absolutely a possibility of encountering dangerous things at WikiparX, the same as at any wild place. We couldn’t claim to offer adventure if there weren’t. Be prepared for bears, biting insects and flooding – all are possibilities in the Pennsylvania wilds!

No, you can’t. WikiparX are intended to be temporary, coming and going at landowners’ discretion. We think this is a plus – our panorama of parks is intended to change constantly so that we’re always offering fresh possibilities.

We’re just getting warmed up. We’re working hard to add properties of all descriptions during our opening months but our initial portfolio does offer diverse possibilities from the outset. We already offer good access to state game lands, the mid-reaches of the Allegheny, much fishing/boating water, and generally quiet, off-the-beaten track venues.