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About WikiParX

Learn more about WikiParX, our unique business model, and our owner/creator Cedric Keith.

What WikiParX Is.

Thanks for visiting WikiparX, a site that expands possibilities for all kinds of  Pennsylvania outdoors people.  WikiparX is for explorers who want to push the limits and see places and find opportunities that most never will. I’m someone who enjoys seeing out-of-the-way places that are seldom visited and fishing, hiking and camping when I’m there.

A few years ago, I simply began to wonder how many landowners (Land Execs) would accept fees for the privilege of accessing their properties for recreation. Of course, there were problems to be overcome such as liability, how to let all Pennsylvanians know about it and then simply explaining how it works. Fortunately, it’s really a very simple concept that doesn’t take long to understand. And taking care of liability through liability releases was job #1.

WikiparX allows Land Execs to list their properties easily and with no contract. The landowner stays in control, even setting their own prices for access. On our site, thousands of explorers will be able to find X’s on the map, marking Wikiparks near where they want to recreate and to click on these for property information and prices.  The permits acquired are permits for recreational access, anything not prohibited by the landowner, consistent with the way I like to enjoy the outdoors: with wide open possibilities.

WikiparX come and go at the landowner’s discretion. This is a plus: We’ll change constantly and there will always be something new!

What WikiParX Is Not.

WikiparX are not conventional campgrounds or state parks. WikiparX fill other niches and only your imagination limits what those niches are. WikiparX may be improved for recreation by the landowner but an eXplorer should simply expect to find the property “as is.” Maybe there’s potable water and maybe not. Maybe there are porta-potties, maybe not, maybe a trash can but don’t expect it. There are no “amenities.” These are just places that might be useful to you as you plan an expedition: Places to camp along rail trails, places from which to access a stream for fishing or kayak launch, or places to camp adjacent to State Game Lands, for instance.

One of the most repulsive things I can imagine is a brand of outdoorsmanship in which we ask our smartphones, “Where can I fish?”, “Where can I camp?”, or “Where can I find snakes?” The possibilities offered by wild places are so much more broad than search engines can encompass. This is why WikiparX offers no searchability by activity – a good sign that this was a business established by someone who really knows the outdoors, not by an e-commerce corporation.

Our Business Model

WikiparX opens a new passive source of revenue for landowners. Simultaneously, recreationists have a legal means of accessing interesting new private lands, expanding their horizons. Essentially, as a landowner, you sign up, you notice a few tents on your back lot over the weekend and money appears in your account.

WikiparX derives revenue from every transaction made through our site – sharing the burden of this small but necessary transaction fee between the landowner and recreationist. Landowners maintain complete control over their prices, a useful mechanism for making their properties more or less exclusive. Through WikiparX, landowners are paid for keeping land healthy, forested and good for living things.

Read more about the great outdoors from WikiParX' Owner and outdoorsman Cedric Keith.